About this Book

Designed as a reference for busy practitioners and students, Acupuncture & Moxabustion ¨C A Clinical Desk Reference is a compendium of the collective knowledge of the last 2,500 years of history of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Each chapter and section contains a concise summary of the author¡¯s own vast clinical experience as well as his understanding of the key concepts and techniques presented by over 50 important TCM texts, from the classics like the Ling Shu and Shang Han Lun to modern publications of the current century. For practitioners in the West, this book breaks new ground, as the content of many of these medical texts are not yet translated to English language and were previously inaccessible to those not fluent in Chinese.
Based on the author¡¯s own experience, training and research, this reference is written to save time in the clinic. It is divided into three logical sections:
1) An introduction with general clinical application of TCM theory,
2) Acupuncture point prescriptions and treatment strategies for common internal medicine applications, and
3) Acupuncture techniques from traditional needling and Moxibustion to modern auricular and scalp needling.
The concepts, techniques, diagnoses, etc. are presented in a succinct fashion to provide a streamlined clinical reference manual.
The reader of this book will gain unique insight into the clinical practice of acupuncture through case study analysis, discussion, and commentary regarding treatment effectiveness, almost as if he/she were following the traditional Chinese practice of learning at the Master¡¯s knee.
The author distills the vast body of TCM knowledge into accessible and useable information, enabling TCM practitioners to benefit from the experience of those who came. Dr. Cheng hopes that Acupuncture & Moxibustion ¨C A Clinical Desk Reference will become the first book referenced in clinics everywhere.